What are the differences between each Hip Circle®?

Glad you asked! Take a look at our comparison chart to see the differences and find which one is best for you!Comparison Chart Cover Image

How can I determine which Hip Circle® is best for me?

Beginner/Rehab Training:
Start with the Hip Circle® Sports Pack - This pack has three mini bands varying from level 1 to level 2 resistance, best for early rehab exercises, child and elderly exercises, dynamic mobility, or can be used to add specific resistance to your Hip Circle®. From lowest to highest resistance the purple, grippy blue and red mini Hip Circles® in the Sports Pack would be a great entry level/rehab pack.

Intermediate Training:
The Hip Circle® and the Grippy Hip Circle® are perfect for ANYONE! If you're looking for a solid band to use for dynamic mobility, booty workouts, deadlift and squat activation this band will not disappoint.

Experienced/Competitive Training:
The Hip Circle® 2.0 is our level 3 band - designed with stiffer material than the Hip Circle® this band will get you that next level resistance you're looking for. Whether its using it to deadlift or squat heavy or getting that extra burn on those glute workouts you will find that this band is perfect for the experienced athlete.

The Big Ass Hip Circle®:
Not for the faint at heart. This band is the strongest on the market almost double in width as the Hip Circle®. The Big Ass Hip Circle® is perfect for someone who has very strong hamstrings/glutes - not recommended to use while deadlifting or squatting. You need your ass kicked? This band will humble you.

I am right in between a medium and large, which size should I get?

Our Hip Circles® are the same resistance at each size, however the band gets about an inch longer as you go up in size. We recommend going with the size up. If you feel like you need a little more resistance consider a Hip Circle® with more resistance or size down.

If I put on all three of the Hip Circles® in the Sports Pack, will it equal the same resistance as the Hip Circle®?

No, you get a unique experience with each Hip Circle®. Technically, you could get more resistance if you had all 3 bands on at the same time, in the same location. But the benefit of the Sports Pack is that you can place each Hip Circle® Sports Pack band in different locations to target different muscle groups.

How do I wash my Hip Circle®?

We recommend hand washing in cold water with mild detergent and air dry to complete before use. Make sure you do not put the Hip Circle® in direct sunlight or heat. Do not put the Hip Circle® in any sort of washing or drying machine.

What exercises can I do with the Hip Circle®?
My Hip Circle® is starting to get a little ripple, is this normal?

Since our Hip Circles® are comprised of both cloth and elastic, it's normal for the Hip Circle® to develop a ripple. However, if you feel like the rippled has occurred too soon please notify our Customer Service team immediately send a picture of the damage as well as your proof of purchase.