Power Wrist Wraps

Product Description


Power Wrist Wraps - Description:

The 20” Power Wrist Wraps are STrong enough to protect during heavy training, yet comfortable enough for every level lifter. The material provides key support during any pressing movement while allowing for full range of motion. Great to support both main lifts and accessory work.

Why You Should Use:

  • Ideal length for easy loosening and tightening
  • Provides ample wrist support for movements such as bench press, shoulder press and even squats

Power Wrist Wraps - Features:

  • Level 2 elastic provides security and protection under strain
  • Perfect length for easy on and off
  • Multiple color options to match any outfit
  • Innovative thumb loop to allow multiple securement ways

Power Wrist Wraps - Details:

  • Length: 20" (not including the velcro)
  • Available in colors: Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Camo
  • Sold as a pair

Power Wrist Wraps - Origins:

The Power Wrap filled the void for smaller wristed athletes or lifters wanting less material around their wrist for accessory work.

Power Wrist Wraps - Approved List: