RAW STrong Belt

RAW STrong Belt - Description:

Stripped of color and kept old-school, the RAW STrong Belt is made from 100% all-natural cowhide. The RAW STrong Belt is a firm, ultra-durable, water-resistant leather belt made to conform to your body and protect you when lifting heavy.

RAW STrong Belt - Size Chart:

Size Measurement Around Waist (IN)
S 24 - 29 in
M 28 - 33 in
L 32 - 38 in
XL 36 - 41 in
2XL 40 - 45 in
3XL 45 - 52 in
*Measure around where you wear your belt, or around your waist at belly button level.

Why You Should Use It:

  • Provides “Old School” look to new, pre-broken in feel
  • Provides abdominal and back support while performing heavier movements such as squat and deadlifts

RAW STrong Belt - Features:

  • Pre-broken in for immediate use
  • All belts available for sale are ready to ship today
  • Single-prong design for easy on and off

RAW STrong Belt - Details:

  • 4” wide
  • Available in thicknesses: 10mm, 13mm
  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from 100% all-natural vegetable tanned cowhide

RAW STrong Belt - Origins:

Since we first launched The Sling Shot, it’s been our goal to outfit the lifter from head to toe. We’ve made amazing products for the bench, deadlift & skwaats, we’ve made hats, shirts and even Power Shoes, and now with The STrong Belt no matter what your sport you’re covered.  “Protect yo self before you wreck yo self” and get yours today!

RAW STrong Belt - Approved List: