Gold Series: STrong Elbow Sleeves

All About The STrong Elbow Sleeves:

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Description:

Whether you’re Benching, Military Pressing or doing accessory movements, the versatile STrong Elbow Sleeves can be used to increase strength and support your elbows. The STrong Elbow Sleeves have been tested by the World’s top Powerlifters and Strongmen to deliver the highest quality, best performing Elbow Sleeves money can buy.

DISCLAIMER: White shows dirt/sweat easily. Refrain from laying the white side on the ground will help prevent marks. In the instance they get dirty, follow the washing instructions below.

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Size Chart:

Size Flexed Bicep (in)
S Under 11 in
M 11.5 - 13 in
L 13.5 - 15 in
XL 15.5 - 17 in
2XL 17.5 - 19 in
3XL 19.25 - 21 in
4XL 21.5 - 23 in
*Measure around the center of your flexed bicep.

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Usage:

  • Provides warmth and support to your elbow, bicep and tricep
  • Alleviates pain while lifting
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash in hot water with Dial soap. Wash both external jerseys then flip in side out and wash again. Repeat this process two times and rinse and air dry.

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Features:

  • Level 3 compression provides forearm, bicep and elbow support throughout the entire range of motion
  • Patented design utilizes a single seam to create less irritation
  • Compression ideal for extra pop out of the bottom overhead movements

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Details:

  • 5mm thick
  • Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Available in colors: Blue and Black
  • Sold as a pair

STrong Elbow Sleeves - Origins:

World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw, while training for circus dumbbell press needed extra support help stabilize his elbow.  He utilized our STrong Knee Sleeves on his enormous arms, broke a world record and we immediately started working.  We developed the STrong Elbow Sleeves to give the same level protection for vulnerable joints. While giving elite level support our sleeve is comfortable enough to be worn throughout the training session.