MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves

Product Description


All About The MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves:

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Description:

This is the third evolution of Mark Bell's Limited Edition STrong Knee Sleeves (MB3) – and they're USA! The STrongest knee sleeves on the market – same great material, strength and performance as the STrong Knee Sleeves – now in a limited-edition print.

Our patented design is comparable in strength to a light knee wrap, but with the convenience and comfort of leaving them on throughout your entire workout. These STrong Sleeves have been tested at the world-famous Super Training Gym for  years by Mark “Smelly” Bell and Team Super Training. The STrong Sleeve provides mild compression with strong rebound so you can take on max weights with confidence.

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Sizing:

Size Comfort Fit (in)
Competition Fit (in)
XS 11 - 12 in 12 - 13 in
S 12 - 13 in 13 - 14 in
M 13 - 14 in 14 - 15 in
L 14 - 15 in 15 - 16 in
XL 15 - 16 in 16 - 17 in
2XL 16 - 17 in 17 - 18 in
3XL 17 - 18 in 18 - 19 in
4XL 18 - 19 in 19 - 20 in
*Measure around the center of your knee with a straight leg.

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Usage:

  • Can be worn for any exercise or during your entire workout
  • Provides support and warmth in more dynamic movements

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Features:

  • Level 3 compression to support max effort
  • Provides Sling Shot effect for an additional 20-50 lbs
  • Use during heavy sets for maximum support
  • Stiff and secure, prevents sleeve movement once on your knee
  • Comparable to a light knee wrap
  • Patented design creates comfortable fit by removing seams from front and back of knee

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Details:

  • 7mm thick
  • Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Third design in a line of limited edition sleeves
  • Sold as a pair
  • Designed by @Deezify (Fil Ruberto)
  • Patent Number: 785,190

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Origins:

Here at Super Training, we are always pushing the envelope. After the success of our versatile Sling Shot knee sleeves, we sought to create a product aimed directly at strength athletes. We tirelessly tested prototypes with our top lifters like Stan Efferding and Brian Shaw during their biggest lifts. Countless revisions later we finally had what we were looking for, the best competition knee sleeve money can buy.

MB3 USA STrong Knee Sleeves - Approved List: