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Bench Heavier With No More Shoulder Pain

The one and only patent-approved Sling Shot, created by Mark Bell, a top 10 powerlifter of all time.

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Mark Bell's Sling Shot

Unlock Your Full Bench Press Potential Today

Overload Train To Build Strength
The Sling Shot® allows you to overload train by doing more reps, sets, and heavier weight so that you build up strength over time to breakthrough plateaus.

Bench Heavy With No Shoulder Pain
The Sling Shot® is designed to alleviate the pressure from your shoulders so that you can bench heavy again without the nagging shoulder pain.

Reinforce Proper Bench Form
The Sling Shot® was also specifically made to reinforce proper form and technique to help prevent and mitigate injuries that come from poor bench pressing form.

5 Stars From Over 35,000 Customers

More Weight and More Reps

I've been following Mark Bell for awhile and knew of the Sling Shot but never pulled the trigger. Finally got one to us at the end of my top sets to overload train. I'm able to bench about 10-20% more.

- Chris G.

Bench Up 25lbs

Alright, I will say at first I thought this was a total gimmick. But I gave in to the hype and decided to buy it. I've been using it to overload train for 6-weeks and my bench has actually gone up by 25lbs.

- Josh K.

No More Shoulder Pain

I used to not barbell bench because I always had shoulder pain. I decided to try the Sling Shot and I'm able to bench again without any shoulder pain! I was skeptical at first, but I'm definitely a believer now.

- John S.

Breakthrough Your Training Plateaus Today

Build Strength for a Stronger Bench and Upper Body

Prime Your Central Nervous System to Lift Heavy

Perform More Reps and Sets at Higher Weights

Help Alleviate Nagging Shoulder Pain While Benching

Protect Your Shoulders and Perfect Your Form

Use the Sling Shot® to Also Overload on Dips and Push Ups

The Original Sling Shot

Choose Your Sling Shot®

Sling Shot Comparison Chart
Sling Shot Comparison Chart

Reactive Sling Shot

Allows you to press roughly 5-10% more than your max.

Original Sling Shot

Allows you to press roughly 10-15% more than your max.

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