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Comfort and Compression Perfected For Your Knees

Our patented Sling Shot Knee Sleeves are designed to be worn for any exercise. Whether that be for Powerlifting, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, or any other types of workout activity.

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Sling Shot Knee Sleeves

Give Your Knees The Support They Deserve

Specifically Designed For Dynamic Movements
The Sling Shot® Knee Sleeves were designed to have moderate compression and stretch fabric so that they can be utilized for any and every type of workout.

Overload Train To Build Strength
The compression from the Sling Shot® Knee Sleeves allow you to overload train by doing more reps, sets, and heavier weight. In return, you build strength over time to breakthrough plateaus.

Help Alleviate Knee Pain During Leg Exercises
Designed to provide your knees with moderate compression and warmth. This combination not only enhances performance but also effectively helps in alleviating knee pain.

5 Stars From Over 35,000 Customers

Excellent Support, Game-Changer!

These knee sleeves fit perfectly, keep my knees warm and have definitely helped me in both my squats and deadlifts.

I will definitely be ordering more products.

- Lisa W.
Verified Buyer

Actually Helped My Minor Knee Pain

Saw an ad on Instagram for these and gave them a shot since I've had some nagging knee pain. The snug fit, compression and warmth it provides my knees actually helps that pain!

- Steven G.
Verified Buyer

Finally Sleeves For Every Movement

Been looking for knee sleeves that aren't so stiff and can be used for every workout instead of just squats. I'm able to keep these sleeves on for my entire workout – burpees, lunges, box jumps, etc.

- Bryan L.
Verified Buyer

Breakthrough Your Training Plateaus Today

Patented Design for Enhanced Knee Support

Help Alleviate Nagging Knee Pain

Soft Interior Prevents Sliding and Irritation

Level 2 Compression Ideal for Any Movement

Perform More Reps and Sets at Heavier Weights

Protect Your Knees With Compression And Warmth

The Original Sling Shot

Sizing Your Sling Shot® Knee Sleeves

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Size XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL

Knee Circumference (in)

12 - 13 in

13 - 14 in

14 - 15 in

15 - 16 in

16 - 17 in

17 - 18 in

18 - 19 in


*Measure around the center of your knee with a straight leg.

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