Hip Circle® Sport Pack

Hip Circle® Sport Pack - Description:

  • 3 Full lower body workouts (with Hip Circle®) with video tutorials and downloadable PDF.
  • Glutes are built, not given. Expanded on the invention of the Hip Circle®, the Hip Circle® Sport Pack provides three individual bands to cover a variety of locations. You can wear the Hip Circle® Sport on your ankles, around your knees and over your quads to increase the overall tension.

    Take your “Peach Game” to the next level by performing glute bridges, stiff-leg deadlifts and dynamic movements for the ultimate burn. The 3-in-1 pack allows for more variety and more bang for your buck!

    Hip Circle® Sport Pack - Sizing:

    Size Bodyweight (LBS)
    S / M Under 175 lbs
    L / XL Over 175 lbs

    Hip Circle® Sport Pack - Usage:

    • Narrow width allows you to stretch further and complete more dynamic movements
    • The change in size means you can use more than one for movements that cue multiple parts at the same time
    • More than just for your legs, you can apply the hip circle sport pack to your arms and legs at the same time

    Hip Circle® Sport Pack - Features:

    • 3 Hip Circles® with 3 different resistance levels
    • Narrow width allows you to stretch further and complete more dynamic movements
    • Ideal for any level athlete
    • Great for lower and upper body accessory movements and warmups
    • Durable band will not snap during use like traditional bands
    • Will not roll up on itself during use

    Hip Circle® Sport Pack - Details:

    • Available in (2) sizes: S/M and L/XL
    • Each pack contains 3 Hip Circles® (Purple, Red, Blue)
    • Level 1 Purple
    • Level 1.5 Blue (with Grippy liner)
    • Level 2 Red
    • S/M 27” circumference, L/XL 34” circumference




    Ideal For Any Level Athlete: Beginner To Elite


    Perfect For More Dynamic Movements


    Variability In How Much Tension You Want To Add Or Takeaway


    Hit Multiple Muscle Groups At One Time


    Provides A Next Level Warm-Up To Prevent Injury


    Ideal For Rehabbing Through Injury

    Increased Variation

    Get more bang for your buck with this 3-in-1 pack, with a variation in tension + resistance you are able to add or take away as you see fit providing you the most control and efficiency in your warm-up. The Hip Circle® Sport Pack offers you the choice to be more dynamic, stretching further into your movements such as: glute kickbacks, lunges, or any jumping plyometrics. Ideal for any level of athlete, this is perfect as you’re starting your journey or looking to further it!

    Warm-Up Efficiently + Help Prevent Injury

    The Hip Circle® Sport Pack is the most effective resistance band to achieve the best warm-up possible. Warming up plays a major role in getting a better, more efficient, and an injury-free workout. It’s narrower design allows for more variation in your warm-ups meaning you can take it through shoulder/scapula mobility or to target those tough to target hips activating the smaller muscle groups and correcting any imbalances preventing injury.

    Strengthen, Tone + Build Muscle

    The Hip Circle® Sport Pack provides that resistance and tension you need to kick your workouts into another gear. You can use the Hip Circle® Sport Pack for: squats, deadlift, glute kickbacks, lunges, + any plyometric movements that require more stretch from your resistance band. You’re bound to develop + build your muscles and lifts with the Hip Circle® Sport Pack!


    Does the Hip Circle® Sports Pack provide the same resistance and results as the regular Hip Circle® or Grippy Hip Circle®?

    The Hip Circle® Sports Pack contains three mini bands that vary from level 1 to level 2 resistance where the Hip Circle® is a level 2 resistance and the Grippy Hip Circle® is a level 2 resistance. The mini purple Hip Circle® in the Sports Pack is the lightest resistance band we have - best for beginners and rehab. The Blue mini Hip Circle® has a rubber gripping on the inside of the band this band provides more resistance than the purple. The Red mini Hip Circle® is the highest resistance in the Hip Circle® Sports Pack series - it's great to kick it up a notch in your rehab and transitioning your beginner to intermediate. You can use all of these bands as added resistance to any of our Hip Circles®.

    Are the Hip Circles® in this pack different resistance?

    Yes! The purple band is level 1 resistance. The blue band is level 1.5 resistance and also has our grippy liner. The red band is level 2 resistance.

    Will this Hip Circle® Sports Pack Help with knee recovery?

    The Hip Circle® is a great tool to use during recovery. Instead of using rubber bands that roll up while you duck walk, do steam boats or do air squats these bands will stay in place the whole time. For recovery, we recommend the Hip Circle® Sports pack - make sure you check with your doctor on what's best for you on your recovery journey.

    I am right in between S/M and L/XL should I size up or down?

    Size up! See how those bands feel for you. If you feel like you need more resistance, consider our Hip Circle®! Take a look at our return policy if you feel like you might want to make a return.

    What's the length difference between the two sizes?

    There is about an inch and half difference between the two sizes.

    Can I purchase one of the three Hip Circles® in the Hip Circle® Sports Pack?

    These Hip Circles® are a trio, we cannot separate them.