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What are the differences between each Sling Shot®?

Glad you asked! Take a look at our comparison chart to see the differences and find which one is best for you! Comparison Chart Cover Image

How do I size for the Sling Shot®?

We measure our Sling Shots® based on your body weight then refer to the size chart of the Sling Shot® that fits your one rep max. For example, if you are 190 lbs and your one rep max is 330 lbs, you will want to go with the XL Original Sling Shot®. For more details on sizing, view each Sling Shot® page’s size chart.

My bench is 235 lbs, can I use the Original Sling Shot®?

We recommend going with the Sling Shot that is designed for your bench press weight. Each Sling Shot® has a different resistance so while you might be able to press more with an Original, you aren’t getting much out of the Sling Shot®. Think of the Sling Shot® like a tool as it helps you get to your next PR.

I have clients who bench under 95 lbs, what Sling Shot® would help them?

The Reactive Sling Shot® will be a great starter to help them increase their bench. Just make sure you follow the size chart according to their body weight.

I can bench 345 lbs and my partner benches 235 lbs, we are the same body weight can we share an Original Sling Shot®?

The Sling Shot® is a tool to help improve your PR Bench Press. Using a Sling Shot® that is too stiff in resistance might limit your gainz. Your partner will want to go with a Reactive Sling Shot®.

How do I know which Sling Shot® is best for me?

You can determine which Sling Shot® is best for your by your one rep max. For example, if your bench is less than 315 lbs – we recommend starting with the Reactive Sling Shot®. You can move up to the Original or Full Boar once you press 315 lbs raw. The strongest Sling Shot® we have is the MadDog, this Sling Shot® is best for weight overs 415 lbs.

Where am I supposed to put the Sling Shot®?

The Sling Shot® was designed to be pulled just above your elbow – not completely over the bicep. Some people prefer the Sling Shot® to be completely over the bicep however that’s just the way they prefer it. After you start getting more experience with the Sling Shot®, you will find where you think it’s best for your body. Start with putting the Sling Shot® just over your elbow.

Can I wear elbow sleeves with the Sling Shot®?

Yep! Absolutely. You might need some assistance getting on your Sling Shot if you fill the cuffs. There is no need to size up because of the sleeves.

I am right in between sizes, should I size up or down?

We recommend sizing up! It is dangerous to use a Sling Shot® that is too small.

I am an XL and my training partner is a M can we share the same Sling Shot®?

We do not recommend using a Sling Shot® that is too small for you as you put yourself in danger of the Sling Shot® bursting while you lift. You will need to get separate Sling Shot®.

Are there Sling Shots® for women?

Our Sling Shots® are uni-sex – the size chart is based on body weight. Our Sling Shots® don’t see gender only GAINZ.