Money Shot Sling Shot®
Money Shot Sling Shot®
Money Shot Sling Shot®
Money Shot Sling Shot®
Money Shot Sling Shot®

Money Shot Sling Shot®

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Introducing the newest Sling Shot, the Money Shot! The Money Shot Sling Shot combines the best of the Full Boar, Maddog, and Reactive Sling Shot into one. The Money Shot Sling Shot will allow you to overload in bench press while reducing stress on your shoulders, elbows, and chest. The double-ply fabric provides moderate assistance throughout the entire lift, with an earlier activation of the Sling Shot due to the angled arm sleeves. These angled arm sleeves, which are made out of the stretchy Reactive material allows for easier on and off, and can accommodate a larger bicep.

  • Level 4.5 tension: allows you to lift 15-20% than your max while training your CNS and the double-ply support gives moderate assistance throughout the lift.
  • Provides assistance with bench press, dips, and pushups
  • Angled sleeve construction allows you to feel assistance earlier in the lift and allows lifters with larger arms to fit more comfortably
  • Great for both volume and maximal loading on the bench press
  • Best used with loads of 350 lbs and up
  • Patent Numbers: 8,771,155 and 9,265,983
Size Bodyweight (LBS)
M Under 130 lbs
L 130 - 170 lbs
XL 171 - 220 lbs
2XL 221 - 300 lbs
3XL Over 300 lbs

*Please note that if you are really tall (over 6’4″) or have especially big forearms, you need to order one size larger!

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