Full Boar Sling Shot®

Full Boar Sling Shot® - What it is:

Full Boar Sling Shot® - Details:

  • Level 4 tension: allows you to lift 10-20% than your max while training your CNS and providing moderate support for pressing movements
  • Provides assistance with bench press, dips, and pushups
  • Angled sleeve construction allows you to feel assistance earlier in the lift and allows lifters with larger arms to fit more comfortably
  • Great for both volume and maximal loading on bench press
  • Best used with loads of 143 kg/315 lbs and up
  • Patent Numbers: 8,771,155 and 9,265,983

Full Boar Sling Shot® - Size Chart:

Size Bodyweight (LBS)
L 141 - 165 lbs
XL 166 - 195 lbs
2XL 196 - 250 lbs
3XL Over 251 lbs

Please note that if you are really tall (over 6’4″) or have especially big forearms, you need to order one size larger!



Bench Heavy With No Pain

The Sling Shot® alleviates pressure off of your shoulders and reinforces proper form.


Reinforce Proper Bench Form

The Sling Shot® is designed to reinforce proper form and technique to help prevent injury.


Overload Train To Gain Strength

The Sling Shot® allows you to overload train by doing more reps, sets, and heavier weight to gain strength.



Take a look at the different versions of the Sling Shot to see which edition would best suit your needs.

*Please discontinue use of any Sling Shot® that has become torn or compromised as it can be unsafe!


Use our Full Boar Sling Shot® size chart to find the right size for you.

*Please note that if you are really tall (over 6’4″) or have especially big forearms, you need to order one size larger!


Throughout Mark Bell's career, he has suffered multiple shoulder injuries due to heavy bench press training. Being one of the strongest bench pressers in the world, Mark could not just sit out and skip bench pressing due to shoulder pain. He wanted to continue to bench heavy without the pain while reinforcing proper form, so he created the Original Sling Shot®.

The Full Boar Sling Shot® is made of the same material as the Original Sling Shot®, but has angled sleeves to fit larger arms. It also engages the weight sooner during the lift, giving the lifter a little more assistance than the Original model.

The Full Boar’s unique design and bold color is inspired by Mark Bell’s brother and director of Bigger, STronger, Faster - Chris “The Boar” Bell. Chris’s unique mechanics and needs after a serious tricep injury required a Sling Shot® that engaged earlier and gave more support through the entire range of motion.


What's the difference between the Original Sling Shot® and the Full Boar?

The main difference between the two is the angled cuffs on the Full Boar which was designed for people with larger biceps and can provide a more comfortable lift.

How do I know if either the Full Boar or the Original Sling Shot® is a better fit for me?

If you're not too sure which one to get, we recommend going with the Original Sling Shot® first. When you receive your Original Sling Shot® and feel you would prefer a little more room in the cuffs, you can return the Original Sling Shot® back to us (within 15 days of purchase) and place a new order for the Full Boar.

Does the size chart fit both men and women?

Yes! We go off of body weight, doesn't matter who you are 🙂.

How do I know which Sling Shot® is best for me?

You can decide which Sling Shot® is best for you according to your raw one rep max. You can select the size based on your body weight in pounds and if you're really tall (over 6'4" we recommend you size up).

According to the size chart I am a 2XL but I used my friends at the gym and his XL fit me just fine, which one should I go with?

We recommend going with the recommended size chart. It is unsafe to have a Sling Shot® that is too small. If you're not sure if your Sling Shot® is too tight, put your Sling Shot® on then put your hands to the side. If the cuff's seam brings your arms in closer to your body, it is too small.

My Sling Shot® came with a logo different than the ones I see on YouTube, do I have a genuine Sling Shot®?

Yes! We have updated our Sling Shot® to have a white web in the center of the product. You have our latest edition of the Sling Shot®! If you want to double check feel free to email us a picture of your Sling Shot® with your proof of purchase to info@markbellslingshot.com.

I purchased my size according to your size chart but it's loose on my arms, should I return for a smaller size?

We do not recommend you sizing down because of how the cuffs fit. What's important is where the cuff and the center band seam aligns with the crease of your armpit. It's okay if the Sling Shot® feel loose on your elbow/bicep.