Hip Circle® Max

Hip Circle® Max - Description:

Made out of stiffer material than the Original Hip Circle®, the Hip Circle® Max addresses the needs of our top athletes looking for an edge on the competition.

The Hip Circle® Max (formerly the Hip Circle 2.0) is designed to do more than help you warm up. Its stiffer material will help you build up the smaller muscle groups in your tough to target hips and buttocks. World renowned coaches use the Hip Circle® to help build and cue hip activation in their athletes while performing exercises such as: squatting and sumo deadlifting.

Hip Circle® Max - Details:

  • Level 3 elastic builds tough muscle groups
  • Ideal for those who have outgrown the resistance of the original Hip Circle®
  • Great for warm ups and dynamic movements
  • Cues athletes to force their knees out in the squat and deadlift
  • Durable band will not snap during use like traditional bands
  • Will not roll up on itself during use

Hip Circle® Max  - Sizing:

Size Bodyweight (LBS)
M Under 150 lbs
L 151- 230 lbs
XL Over 230 lbs

Hip Circle® Max - Free Bonus:

  • 3 Full lower body workouts (with Hip Circle®) with video tutorials and downloadable PDF.



    Has More Resistance Than The Original Hip Circle®


    Helps Build Muscle & Strength


    Extremely Useful To Help Build & Cue Hip Activation In Athletes


    Improves Form For Multiple Exercises & Movements


    Designed For Beginners Or Professional Athletes


    Versatile For Multiple Exercises & Goals


    Increased Resistance & Tension

    The Hip Circle® Max has more resistance and tension than the Original Hip Circle®. The increased resistance and tension allows you to build up the smaller muscle groups in your tough to target hips, driving your mobility and strength to new heights.

    Strengthen, Tone & Build Muscle

    The added resistance that the Hip Circle® Max provides, gives your workouts that extra kick it needed to tone and build muscle. You can use the Hip Circle® Max for: squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, leg kickbacks, yoga, and much more. You’re bound to tone and build muscle when you incorporate the Hip Circle® Max into your workouts!

    Ultra Comfort & Durability

    The Hip Circle® Max is made with the most premium, quality material. Regular bands can snap, roll, and pull at your skin and hair while using them. The Hip Circle® Max stays put and is durable and comfortable to use.


    I am less than 150 lbs, can I still use the Medium Hip Circle® Max?

    Yes! The medium size band will fit someone who is less than 150 lbs, keep in mind this band is our level 3 resistance and is best for people who are advanced in resistance training.

    What's the difference between the Hip Circle® and the Hip Circle® Max?

    The Hip Circle® Max has more resistance than the Hip Circle®/Grippy Hip Circle®. It's made of a stiffer material and was designed for assisting with heavy squats and dead lifts. You can also use the Hip Circle® Max for advance hip mobility exercises.

    What level of resistance is the Hip Circle® Max?

    This is a level 3 resistant band. It was designed for dead lifts and squats however it is also perfect for advanced resistant band work.

    What kind of exercises can you do with a Hip Circle®?

    There are a lot of different ways you can use the Hip Circle®. You can use it for a dynamic warm-up, hip mobility, glute activation, resistance training, physical therapy, and many more!

    My Hip Circle® has a white web on the center of the band, do I have the right Hip Circle®?

    We have updated our Sling Shot® logo to a white web in the center of the band, we no longer carry Hip Circles® with our older logo. If you want to make sure, please send your proof of purchase and picture of the Hip Circle® to info@markbellslingshot.com.

    How do I know what size to get?

    We base our size chart off of body weight in pounds. You can refer to the size chart to see which size fits you.

    What is the difference on the sizes?

    The band gets longer as you go up in size.