Hip Circle®
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Hip Circle® Details:

  • Level 2 resistance: ideal for activating your glutes and entire lower body
  • Great for dynamic warm ups
  • Cues athletes to force knees out while squatting and deadlifting
  • Achieve a more effective workout by adding the Hip Circle® into your exercises
  • Premium quality band that will not snap, roll, or pull on your skin
  • Designed for beginners or all the way up to professional athletes
  • Available in sizes: M, L, XL (Blue, Pink)

Hip Circle® Size Chart:

Size Bodyweight (LBS)
M Under 150 lbs
L 151 - 260 lbs
XL Over 260 lbs



Helps Accelerate Muscle Activation & Strength


Improves Your Form For Multiple Exercises


Versatile For Multiple Exercises & Goals


Perfect For Rehabbing Through Injury


Designed For Beginners Or Professional Athletes


Easy Sizing For Your Body Type


Warm Up Effectively And Help Prevent Injury

The Hip Circle® is the most effective glute band & tool to help you achieve the best warm up possible. Warming up plays a major role in getting a better, more efficient, and an injury-free workout. The Hip Circle® activates the smaller muscle groups in your tough-to-target hips and glutes fixing any imbalances while also activating the major muscles groups.

Strengthen, Tone And Build Muscle

The added resistance that the Hip Circle® provides, gives your workouts that extra kick it needed to tone and build muscle. You can use the Hip Circle® for: squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, leg kickbacks, yoga, and much more. You’re bound to tone and build muscle when you incorporate the Hip Circle® into your workouts.

Ultra Comfort & Durability

The Hip Circle® is made with premium, quality material. Regular bands can snap, roll, and pull at your skin and hair while using them. The Hip Circle® stays put and is durable and comfortable to use.


Does the size chart fit both men and women?

Yes! We go off of body weight, doesn't matter who you are 🙂.

How do I know which Sling Shot® is best for me?

You can decide which Sling Shot® is best for you according to your raw one rep max. You can select the size based on your body weight in pounds and if you're really tall (over 6'4" we recommend you size up).

According to the size chart I am a 2XL but I used my friends at the gym and his XL fit me just fine, which one should I go with?

We recommend going with the recommended size chart. It is unsafe to have a Sling Shot® that is too small. If you're not sure if your Sling Shot® is too tight, put your Sling Shot® on then put your hands to the side. If the cuff's seam brings your arms in closer to your body, it is too small.

My Sling Shot® came with a logo different than the ones I see on YouTube, do I have a genuine Sling Shot®?

Yes! We have updated our Sling Shot® to have a white web in the center of the product. You have our latest edition of the Sling Shot®! If you want to double check feel free to email us a picture of your Sling Shot® with your proof of purchase to info@markbellslingshot.com.

I purchased my size according to your size chart but it's loose on my arms, should I return for a smaller size?

We do not recommend you sizing down because of how the cuffs fit. What's important is where the cuff and the center band seam aligns with the crease of your armpit. It's okay if the Sling Shot® feel loose on your elbow/bicep.