Big Ass Hip Circle®

Big Ass Hip Circle® - Description:

Either go BIG or go home. The all-new Big Ass Hip Circle® was designed to meet the need for more resistance when building that booty and warming up the hips. The combination of a wider design and same Original Hip Circle® material creates the ultimate resistance band.

Big Ass Hip Circle® - Sizing:

Size Bodyweight (LBS)
M Under 150 lbs
L 151 - 260 lbs
XL Over 260 lbs

Big Ass Hip Circle® - Usage:

  • Warm-up for glute activation and any lower body movement
  • Cues athletes to force knees out while squatting and deadlifting

    Big Ass Hip Circle® - Features:

    • Level 3 elastic–ideal for maximal lower body activation
    • Stiffest resistance band on the market
    • Durable and long-lasting

      Big Ass Hip Circle® - Details:

      • 4.5" Wide
      • Available in sizes: S/M, L/XL

      Big Ass Hip Circle® - Origins:

      You wanted the stiffest, baddest, biggest resistance band on the market, so we created the Big Ass Hip Circle®




      Helps Accelerate Muscle Strength + Growth


      Designed For Experienced Lifters Looking For A New Challenge


      Efficiently Maximize Your Workout By Giving You That Next Level Warm-Up


      Perfect For Rehabbing Through Injury


      Useful For Building Hip + Glute Activation


      Offers The Most Resistance In Our Line Of Hip Circles®

      Increased Resistance + Tension

      The Big Ass Hip Circle® offers the most resistance + tension than every resistance band in the market! Those tough to target hips are no match for this Big Ass Hip Circles® increased tension. This will be a driving force for not only activating muscle but building it!

      Strengthen + Build Muscle

      The next level resistance that the Big Ass Hip Circle® offers means you’re in for more than just activation. Adding some spice to your warm-ups not only adds to your big lifts but keeps things interesting come leg day. Strengthen and build muscle with every movement by adding the resistance level of our Big Ass Hip Circle® to your warm-up sets in squat, deadlift and take it for some monster walks.

      Unmatched Comfort, Durability + Service

      Our Big Ass Hip Circle® is made with premium, quality material. It’s thicker construction means it’s more durable than that of other resistance bands. Regular bands can snap, roll, or pull at your skin while in use. The Big Ass Hip Circle® is durable and stays put during use. We also carry a year warranty with all our Hip Circles® that if something happens we will take care of you on the house!


      What is the difference between the Hip Circle® 2.0 and the Big Ass Hip Circle®?

      The Hip Circle® 2.0 is a level 4 resistance band where the Big Ass Hip Circle® is a level 5. The Big Ass Hip Circle® or BAHC is wider than the Hip Circle® 2.0 providing the most resistance, it's also made of different softer material.

      How can I use the Big Ass Hip Circle®?

      This band provides the most resistance than any other band on the market. It's perfect for advanced athletes with the strongest glut and hamstrings. We recommend using the BAHC if you're looking for the most challenging booty workout of your life. You can see how we use our Hip Circle® on our YouTube page:

      How do I know if the Big Ass Hip Circle® is best for me?

      If you have tried our Hip Circle® and/or our Hip Circle® 2.0 and looking for some extreme resistance the Big Ass Hip Circle® is where you want to look. If you're just starting out but know you have pretty strong gluts and hamstrings - start with the Grippy Hip Circle® and work your way to this bad boy.

      Can I use the Big Ass Hip Circle® for deadlifts and squats?

      You can but we don't recommend it. The Hip Circle® 2.0 is best for heavy deadlifts and squats. The Big Ass Hip Circle® is best for a challenging booty workout.