Compression Cuff 2.0
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Product Description:

This thicker and stiffer Compression Cuff was designed to maintain more pressure on injured areas to subdue pain during training. Whether looking for support or extra pop out of the bottom of a bench or overhead press the 2.0’s design provides exactly what you need.

USPA Approved

Product Sizing:

Size Measurement (IN)
9" 8.5 - 9"
10" 9.5 - 10"
11" 10.5 - 11"
12" 11.5 - 12"
13" 12.5 - 13"
14" 13.5 - 14"
*Measure around the area in pain.

Product Usage:

  • Stiffer, more supportive for maximal targeted compression on painful forearms and elbows
  • Better for support on forearms and not directly over joint

Product Features:

  • Level 2 elastic provides increased joint support
  • Increased rebound for pressing
  • Work around injuries keeping training on track
  • Ideal for the strongest athletes

Product Details:

  • Available in sizes: 9", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14"
  • Sold individually

Product Origins:

To fill the void of bigger athletes or lifters in significant elbow pain, our team developed the 2.0 Compression Cuff. The original compression cuff solved many of the needs of our athletes, but some of our strongest members needed something more. We began working with a variety of materials to deliver a wrap/tape feel. After trial and error we created this tough and powerful cuff to deliver the relief they needed.