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Jacked And Tan Book

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The Jacked and Tan Manuscript. Finally, an all around dive into my training and thought process on getting more strongerest while feeling your best. You learn about me, what’s not on social media, and what my training looks like. Over the years, I have learned how to work more efficiently to meet the goals I set for myself. I want to teach you just that; finding a training method that translates to your strengths and of course, hitting new PRs in the gym and in life.

Scroll through the product pictures to get a glimpse of what is inside the Jacked and Tan Book!

  • Jack + Tan Covers:
    • Jacked (Training)
    • Powerlifting Methods
    • How to Warm-up
    • Meet Prep
    • Max Effort Training
    • Speed Work
    • Intensity + Volume
    • Assistance Workout
    • Bodybuilding-ish Workouts
    • Strength + Conditioning
    • Cardio
    • Mobility
  • Training Tools Tan (Nutrition + Bonuses):
    • How to Lose Weight
    • How to Gain Weight
    • 4 Diet Outlines
    • Approved Foods
    • Supplements
    • Looking the Part
  • Expert Advice:
    • Ed Coan
    • Jesse Burdick
    • Kelly Starrett
    • Brian Shaw
    • Stan Efferding

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